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What is the PIP Scanner about?

Imagine a handy, easy and quick way to access all documentation needed for sale, setup, and Trade Grade product maintenance... This is PIP Scanner.

PIP Scanner APP

By scanning the PIP Code applied on the product with a smartphone, valuable information will be accessed such as a product’s brochure, its manual and spare parts list and the troubleshooting, thanks to the augmented reality technology.

What are the Benefits?

PIP Scanner was designed to make the selling and servicing of Pentair TradeGrade products easier than ever, while also simplifying the daily activities of the pool professional.

A simple scan of the PIP code on the packaging or on the unit itself will bring the product to life.

Through the PIP Scanner and his augmented reality interface, related information is being provided immediately, either from a smartphone or a table, wherever you are:

  • During an intervention on site: user manual, list with spare parts, troubleshooting tips, tutorial videos for easy installation and maintenance.
  • In the shop: promotional videos, brochures and special offers to support sales.
  • As PIP member you have access to exclusive bonus features such as:
    1. Warranty extension
    2. Co-branded warranty certificates for consumers, send by e-mail
    3. Automatical registration of your PIP points

Less paperwork, more reactivity and added value to the consumers, PIP Scanner app is the perfect tool to increase your sales and productivity.

Watch the PIP Scanner video for more information and download the PIP Scanner application on the App Store and Google play.

How do You use PIP Scanner?

Step 1.Download PIP Scanner App from one of the links below.

Step 2. Scan in sample bleam codes.

Click here to order demo PIP Codes like the one below.

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